Fersteinn is a quartet of multi instrumentalists that play compositions by Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson with repertoire written especially for the ensemble. Fersteinn performs in different settings but prefers casual but quiet settings.


Fersteinn has an upcoming album but until then . . .

. . . there is a relatively recent live recording of the band:

We also do private parties.


Most of the repertoire consists of so called quartets for somewhat open instrumentation. Then there are various other pieces, including some lullabies for four Langspil, but that’s the name of a traditional Icelandic instrument which we use somewhat inauthentic versions of. Yet one can say they are perhaps the most authentic in circulation because an authentic Langspil is nowhere to be found. Depends on your viewpoint.


A lot of activity has been going on with Fersteinn, since 2010 and more will be happening in the near and distant future as well. This includes performances in Ljóðahátíð Nýhil, Ljósanótt Keflavík, Frafl anniversary,  Sequences Festival,  Wallgallery in Rotterdam, Vhlesaal in Middelburg, Raflost 2011, Sláturtíð 2012, various Sláturdúndur, Kex Hostel with Grúska Babúska, Nýlistasafnið with Mongst and AMFJ, Hlaðan with Charity Chan, An old bakery with Christoph Schiller, Hljómskálinn 8 concerts in a collaborative project with artist Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir, performances in 2010 in New York and Princeton with material that later became the bands repertoire. Fersteinn released a 10″ record in 10 copies in 2012.


Stay tuned. . .

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