5 premiers in a week (roughly speaking)


Last Sunday (25th of Sept) kids with home-made instruments premiered my piece Færibandið along with the audience in Salurinn, Kópavogi. Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 28th) the Swiss flautist Matthias Ziegler and The Icelandic Flute Choir will premier my piece Marfjall & hafkar, independent sequel to Harskjall & svellkar. Thursday (29th) a piece for automated instruments (4 kitchen bowls played by solanoids) will be performed in the festival Sláturtíð which I am co-organizing. The following day will see Fengjastrútur premier my Quartet number 10. Then on Tuesday next week (4th of October) One plus One (a Finnish accordion and piano duo) will premier my piece raBalilabalila in Riga, Latvia. Will hopefully share some recordings here.



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