Lardipésa will be performed several times next week

Erik Stifjell and a group of Norwegian musicians will perform my piece Lardipésa at least 5 or 6 times in north Norway (Tromsö area) next week. These are the “tour dates”:

  • June 14, 18:00 – Lakselvbukt
  • June 15, 14:00 – Tromsø Dagsenter
  • June 15, 19:00 – Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
  • June 16, 11:00 – Tromsø Kulturskole, Aula
  • June 16, 13:00 – Tromsø Kulturskole, Aula
  • June 17, 11:30 – UNN, Pingvinen kafé
  • June 17, 16:00 – Ølhallen

More about these concerts on:

The cool thing is that it is for all kinds of random crowd, not necessarily new music fans. Last Wednesday I did a concert with my quartet Fersteinn at the cafe in the Reykjavík Botanical Gardens. This was quite obtrusive (see slátur ideology 101) for the avarage customer.  I plan on doing more of this, experiment with context, and next time I will give no excuses.

The piece Lardipésa is available on :


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