Lardipésa will be performed several times next week

Erik Stifjell and a group of Norwegian musicians will perform my piece Lardipésa at least 5 or 6 times in north Norway (Tromsö area) next week. These are the “tour dates”:

  • June 14, 18:00 – Lakselvbukt
  • June 15, 14:00 – Tromsø Dagsenter
  • June 15, 19:00 – Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
  • June 16, 11:00 – Tromsø Kulturskole, Aula
  • June 16, 13:00 – Tromsø Kulturskole, Aula
  • June 17, 11:30 – UNN, Pingvinen kafé
  • June 17, 16:00 – Ølhallen

More about these concerts on:

The cool thing is that it is for all kinds of random crowd, not necessarily new music fans. Last Wednesday I did a concert with my quartet Fersteinn at the cafe in the Reykjavík Botanical Gardens. This was quite obtrusive (see slátur ideology 101) for the avarage customer.  I plan on doing more of this, experiment with context, and next time I will give no excuses.

The piece Lardipésa is available on :

Reviews and Airplay

My new CD Horpma has gotten some nice reviews. In web media like Tokafi, The Sound Projector and the New York Downtown Music Gallery newsletter.

Also it has been played on the radio in various places in the U.S. mostly college radio, for instance: KTRU, WNYU, WXDU, WCBN, WMUA, WDBX. And on WNYU it reached some kind of chart, if I understand it correctly:

I find it quite surprising and amuzing that this CD both tracks have been played on radio and in some cases several times on the same station. Why is that special? Well, because the first track is 32 minutes and it has been aired in it´s entirety in broad daylight even, several times in several different places. It´s a hit, or something.